7 Features of Trusted Business Reviews That Will Help You to Generate Leads


In Jan 2014, A Survey by Pew Research Center concluded that 87% of U.S. adults use the Internet and 58% of adults own smartphones. Worldwide, the United Nations reports 40% of the population is online. In conclusion, the majority of customers, read up to positive reviews before forming an opinion of a business.

Online business assessments aren`t just for consumers and restaurants anymore. Nowadays, these appraisals are effecting revenue for almost every kind of businesses and professional services such as insurance agents, loan officers, salons, doctors, shops from top to bottom.

Analyzing the social web, Trusted Business Reviews disclosed the date – concluding the power of online reputation which shouldn`t be undervalued. Therefore, it is essential to know what people are saying about your business online because reviews are tremendous sway when someone decides to opt for your services over someone else.

Power of Online Reviews

The power of online reviews is not only limited to the web, they are widely used by customers to make a decision about your brand. As per the stats, 90% of customers used to read online appraisals, and 88% of them are more likely to trust those appraisals when considering a business. In case, you have negative online recommendations, you are possibly going to lose 88% of you potential customer’s decision for making a purchase!

In addition from above stats, it states that 72% of customers say that positive feedback helps them in trusting a local business directory more. Also, it concludes that customers are more likely to invest 31% more on a business that contains excellent evaluations. Whereas, 86% customers will decide against buying you if they find negative online recommendation.

From above stats, you might be well aware of the power of online reputation in generating leads. Along with review score, you might have noticed that rating often showed up in result pages before the user takes a look at your website.

Features of Trusted Business Reviews

Not only, online appraisals are good for business, but it has some additional benefits as well. Down the line, we have disclosed some features of trusted business reviews that are actually helpful in driving leads and positive rating to come in:

Narrate Your Success Stories

There is nothing better than your satisfied consumers to narrate your success stories. You can easily share on your websites and across different social media channels in order to amplify their effect. This is nothing than word of mouth publicity that will lure your visitors to buy your product or hire your services. However, cross promotion of positive rating is a better way to save your time, efforts, and money in your marketing.

Provide Insight into Services

A highly trusted source of information is external feedback sites that will tend to generate review on business as a whole, instead of a specific service or product. With the help of online rating, users not only learn about the offers, products, and services you are providing, but also the experience of business is like – effectively influence their bottom line. Also, it offers customers the ability to monitor aspects of your services and make you stand out above the competitors.

Personal Recommendations

These days, a majority of consumers trust stranger`s recommendation as much as they believe their own friend. Positive words of mouth is the best way of spreading the buzz surrounding a service or a product to potential customers. More than ever, word of mouth promotion has come back into vogue through social media. By harnessing the power of social channels, you can encourage your existing customers to make personal recommendations to their relatives and friends in order to improve your business bottom.

Elaborates Your Personality

Apart from insight into services, positive online reputation proves beneficial in your business by shedding light on your brand`s personality. Responding to customer`s feedback either god or bad, has as much impact as the rating itself. Customer recommendations can be called as an opportunity to monitor your personality to the public. Bang on! Taking care of your downcast customers, expressing gratitude for positive feedback can help in turning over your business image with making your business gain the maximum lead generation

Free Advertising

Almost, every recommendation by a customer act as an advertisement for your business image. The more reviews you will get the higher is the promotion of your services to others, increasing awareness of your identity and products.

As compared to other media sources, online review cover more businesses, including startups. They help in providing the type of mass exposure that might not be possible in traditional marketing channels.

Eliminate Potential Doubts

Bare in mind – Unfortunately, we cannot satisfy everyone, but we do try and satisfy as many people as we can!

A wealth of positive feedback without a single negative feedback makes user suspicious sometimes. Few negative appraisal in the mix acts as a line of improvement, on the basis of which your customers evaluate you. As soon as your customers acknowledge the improvement in product and services, they can easily eliminate potential doubts, resulting in customer trust. An equilibrium mix of online reviews benefits your businesses a lot by adding elements of truth and transparency to your online reputation.

Improve Search Rankings

Google collects date from external rating websites for its search result. Hence, the more positive analyses you have on your website or external feedback websites, the better is your web ranking in an organic search result.

Good or bad, online reviews these days encompass far beyond just customer testimonials on your local business listing website. With the increase in a number of websites, platforms, and directories, and the emerging inter-connectivity made it important to monitor and manage your online reputation. A stability of prevention, maintenance, and responsive tactics can leverage the power of positive online reviews for lead generation.

Source: http://www.allperfectstories.com/7-features-trusted-business-reviews-will-help-generate-leads/


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